All Saints' C of E Junior School, Warwick, 23rd March 2010 

Mission Statement

To create an inclusive piece of artwork inspired by the children's favourite things about their school. The finished piece will occupy an exterior wall, as part of a new build entrance area, commissioned to coincide with the school's 50th birthday. This artwork should complement the dynamics of the new architecture and enhance the sense of welcome as you approach the entrance to the building.

Creative Process 

Choosing materials

I wanted to use the actual drawings and 3D reliefs made by the children, but the outside location dictated using durable materials. After sourcing several alternatives, I decided to combine the traditional art of collage with digital technology, to create a ceramic mural. Sample collages and tiles showed us that this process would create a long lasting mural whilst retaining a hand crafted beauty, depth and texture.


Working in school

The children enjoyed seeing their work transformed into a collage, attached to a board, a quarter size of the wall space. Original artwork was enlarged and then adhered (goalkeeper image), or included as part of a larger piece (seed packet) and brought to life in 3D (pop-up book, sunflower). The finished collage was then photographed and the printing/firing process began.



This was a fantastic educational opportunity to demonstrate step by step, how ideas are developed through to a finished product, using contemporary, technical skills.Bringing every class together in this project has brought tremendous pride, pleasure and a heightened sense of school ownership to both the staff, students and wider community.